About FICO

Founded in 1947 by the Srichawla family, the FICO Group initially entered the market as a textile trading business. Over the decades, the group expanded its operations and underwent a significant reorganization, leading to the establishment of Fico Corporation in 1993. Today, Fico Corporation has diversified its portfolio, spanning industries such as Hospitality, Commercial Real Estate, Luxury Retail, Manufacturing & Trading (Textile and Commodity). 

To foster a connection between the organization and society, FICO represents its charitable foundation, FICO Pattana Foundation. Established in response to the devastating 2004 tsunami, the foundation raised funds to rebuild schools and support survivors. Since then, FICO Pattana Foundation has continued to aid the less fortunate through various charitable initiatives and donations, demonstrating its commitment to making a positive impact in the community.

Our Mission

Our mission at FICO is to continually improve, innovate, and deliver exceptional products and services. With over 20 years of experience, a growing portfolio, and a team of well-trained staff, we are committed to creating value for our stakeholders by:

Our Vision

 We aspire to create a vibrant ecosystem within our organization, empowering our talented team members to flourish and realize their full potential as we collectively grow and expand. With an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, we envision becoming the go-to destination for those seeking the finest products and services. We want:

Our Core Values


We are steadfast in our pursuit of excellence in everything we do, maintaining efficiency and adaptability. We are dedicated to unlocking limitless possibilities for our consumers, stakeholders, and employees.


We are always seeking new and unique ideas and opportunities, staying vigilant and ready to explore and capitalize on the next exciting business venture.


We possess a strong desire to improve and challenge ourselves across various industries. We embrace high expectations, exacting standards, and ambitious goals in our pursuit of success.


Our inclusive approach reflects the diversity of our brands. We continue to grow rapidly and expand our portfolio to cover an ever-increasing range of industries and markets.

Our Team

Sanjay Singh

CEO of Fico Corporation

A Sachdev

CEO of Fena Asset

Nattawan Radomyos

EVP of Leasing

Sithi Srichawla

CEO of K Capital Holding

Rajiv Mathur

Managing Director of Fenatex