FICO Metals & Minerals Co., Ltd., shortly called FIMA, is a newly formed company incorporated in May 2014 to handle metals, minerals and related businesses. FIMA endeavors to carry out trading as well as processing and manufacturing activities in these areas, which were earlier part of the activities of FICO Corporation for several years.

While FIMA’s initial focus of business has been on products like Ferro Alloys, Anthracite, Steam Coal, Coke, Copper Ore, Manganese Ore, Metal scraps etc., the long term focus is to expand into other commodities and industrial raw materials as well.

FICO has tie ups with reliable manufacturer-suppliers of Ferro Alloys from India for imports and supplies to most of the local Steel manufacturers for several years. FIMA, after taking over these businesses from FICO Corporation Co., Ltd., has recently started expanding its supplies to neighboring countries like Cambodia and hopes to penetrate into Malaysia and other neighboring markets soon.

FIMA currently imports Anthracite from Ukraine and Vietnam. Considering the need for sized Anthracite coal from local steel industries, FIMA has recently set up an Anthracite processing plant in Kabinburi with a processing capacity of 72000 MT per annum.

The plant has since commenced production from January 2015 and deliveries have started for local companies. The medium term goal is to expand production levels and also to export Anthracite to countries like India and Malaysia.

Energy has been the focal point of 21st century and not a single day passes without any news appearing on the topic. Thermal power generation has been the back bone of power generation because of its nature in terms of being able to locate the manufacturing units almost anywhere, the smaller economies of scale, affordability in terms of investment and safety reasons albeit the environmental issues associated with the carbon emission. While the Hydro electric power generation is possible only across rivers with large reservoirs of water and in specific locations, the nuclear power generation is not an easy task due to its safety concerns and billions of dollars of investments. 

Steam Coal, being the primary fuel for power generation, is imported by many power producers in Thailand. Local cement manufacturers also need significant amount of Steam coal in the cement manufacturing process.  Together they form a major group requiring huge amount of coal every month and FIMA has embarked upon import of Steam Coal from Indonesia to cater to their needs especially with a mission to become a reliable supplier of coal of right quality at the right time.

Besides these bulk consumers, a large number of manufacturing companies numbering over 500 need sized coal for their boilers. FIMA also intends to cater to their needs by bringing in the coal of their required specifications and set up a sizing plant at Nakon Luang area of Ayuthaya province where FIMA will stock the imported steam coal and do processing. 

After establishing FIMA’s foothold in coal business in Thailand market, as a next step FIMA intends to expand its coal trading activity to nearby markets like Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos as well as to a much larger but more competitive Indian market.  We are in the process of establishing a set up in India for these activities in this quarter.

FIMA, as a matter of policy, deals only with highly reliable and reputed mine owners of coal to ensure that the customers have peace of mind in terms of quality and delivery. FICO group’s credibility in the market has enabled FIMA to win the trust of these mine owners and their willingness to partner with FIMA.  Apart from Indonesian coal, FIMA also is capable of importing coal from other coal producing countries like Australia, South Africa and Chile as per customers’ needs.

FIMA has embarked upon an aggressive expansion path and is exploring options to enter into trading and manufacturing in many other areas and the developments will be updated from time to time.


To be the reliable name for supply of right quality of products, delivered at the right time at the right price while maintaining high quality of customer service and strictly adhering to environmental protection.



To become the number one organization in Thailand in the field of commodity business contributing to the local economy and at the same time to display social responsibility by promoting community development.



With competitions heating up, oil and commodities prices fluctuating widely and frequently, exchange rates playing havoc with financial planning every now and then, it is all the more important to constantly adjust our strategies.  While long term goal or vision is what you can define today, the intermediate strategy is ever changing.  At FIMA we understand this truth and are determined to constantly monitor and adjust the strategies according to situations which are dynamic. 

In FIMA we perceive three factors as the most important foundations for successful business – Financial strength, Suppliers reliability and Customers trust. We need to build FIMA as a brand in itself and we are determined to do that and that is what will help us in the long run to grow, sustain and attain our vision.